Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Post #8: Input on Design

I have two ideas for the "air filtration system". Ants only need a small amount of air to survive, so I purchased a 1.0psi Air Pump and tubing, to route air through the lid.

I plan to drill two holes, equal to or slightly smaller than the tubing itself, and route the tubing in.

Now, I have two ways of doing this.

1). Run two separate lengths of tubing. One on each side. Hot glue cloth over the ends, to prevent any escape attempts. One side is hooked to the air pump, to pump air in. The other end is glued to the outside of the aquarium, to allow air to flow out/pressure equalization.

2). Run a single length of tube down, and perforate it along the inside of the lid with small holes, to allow airflow in. One end connected to the pump, another end connected to the outside of the aquarium.

In my mind, #1 sounds like the safest route, as I don't know if air will be able to travel back IN the tube, in-case of a pressure spike. I'd rather not crush the ants with air, when they're managing to survive underwater.

Input? Other possible design ideas?

Keep in mind, this is the prototype/experimental stage of the project. If successful, I plan to create a much large version. The vision is a 20-gallon version, with a Plexiglass crafted colony filled with the purchasable gel mix. Ultimately, I'd like to add various sealife, such as crabs, snails, and a few fish. (Maybe an eel?)

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    also use caulk if the glue doesn't hold