Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fucking Luck.

Another setback. My PC is dying on me, and almost all my funds are going to have to go to replacing it.

Spring is here, so the Ant's are finally out. Their Nuptial Flight passed, I think, but I can still get a Queen if I work hard, and dig like a motherfucker. Depending on how much cash is left after I put together my new PC, I'll invest what's left into the AntWorks colony, and get started on the project. I still have to clean the aquarium, as I'm a lazy bastard. But we're currently re-roofing the house I live in, so I've had a lot of shit to work on lately.

I really am sorry this is taking so fucking long, but I don't know a better way to get shit done faster, with all I have on my plate. Job-hunting, house renovation, and the constant nag of shit breaking on me is getting hard to handle.

Like I said; Even if it takes MUCH longer than I expected, I will make this for you, my friends. There will be an aquatic home for the Ants. I will create my utopia, and you will all be with me to see the efforts of my laziness come to fruition.

Thanks for keeping up.

-PK Shitstorm