Monday, September 13, 2010

Post #10: To quell your appetites.

I'm HOPING the ants will be here tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll be proven wrong, because FUCKING USPS.

So to appease you, here is a picture of the air pump running through the "filtration system".

The seals for the tubing are pretty much fail-proof. You can't see the inner side of the lid, but it's done up roughly the same. The chances of any water getting in from THERE is miniscule. The bigges problem is the rim of the lid itself, due to the "friction band" not actually fitting the corners, so any time there is any water pressure, the water will leak in at the corners. I'm going to solve this by gluing the entire lid on, after I've inserted the ants. This should fix the problem.

Also, due to the air inside the colony, I'm going to have to anchor it to the bottom of the aquarium. Gluing it to the bottom before filling it would probably be the best bet.

I am so convinced this will work fine, but I can't help but worry about not gluing the lid well enough. I would really hate for this project to fail because of something as silly as a tiny little crack.

Oh well... Time will tell.


  1. Looks good. Only problem other than leaks or some shit is ants getting in pump good thing is, with the lid glued shut, there is no way for anything to get in or out that is bigger than what could be blown through the tube.


  3. Youre gonna have to get in there and dig the dead ants out

  4. Plus-side to Hot Glue; it can be peeled off.

    As for ants getting in the tube; I glued wax paper with pin-pricks in it over the tube opening, that way nothing could get in. Still puts out a reasonable amount of air.

  5. I've been following you since the beginning bro, and I'm still cheering you on. This is happening, it's really happening.

    It will be an amazing achievement when it's complete, I just know.

  6. Anticipation is killing me. The ants aren't here yet. THEY SHOULD BE HERE.

    Even if only 10 out of 25 make it, I will be fucking happy. I just really wish they'd get here, because I have to let them settle in to the habitat before I hot glue the lid, that way I don't run the risk of them trying to climb out or examine the glue while it's still warm.