Thursday, August 26, 2010

Post #5: Progress!

Aquarium is CLEAN!

It took water, dish soap, bleach, and the green shit endured. It wasn't even Algae. It was some sort of weird-ass hard buildup. Finally though, with the help of a trusty Brilo pad (WITH THE SCRUBBING POWER OF OXYCLEAN!), the tank was saved from it's green and crusty deathbed.

I've had it filled with water for about 3 hours now, and there are no leaks, so far. The Aquarium is 9" in width, so it should fit the AntWorks habitat no problem, at an angle. The "Donate" button has been added, for those of you looking to help out. So far I still need...

- AntWorks Colony. ($20 + $5-7 Shipping.)
- Air pump and tubing. ($5 + 5 Shipping, and $3 + $5 Shipping.
- Gravel and decorations. (This is optional, and the decorations have to fit within an 8"x8" space. The Aquarium is only large enough to fit the Ant Colony.)

Altogether, it'll cost about $45-$50 for everything. (Apparently, Amazon likes to rape you for shipping.)

I don't EXPECT donations. But it's really the only way it's going to get done before the ass-end of Summer, and I'd really like to have this finished by then.

"And then one day, the happy answer came to me, my friends: there was no colony for ants like me! And -that- was the moment I decided... To build one."


  1. you should make a post on /v/ bro
    its lonely in here

  2. It really is. I tried last night, but no one was interested. Kinda sad; First time I made a post about this, there were 200+ responses. Now, you can hear the crickets chirp.

  3. Don't worry bro, you have a few of us watching still.