Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm still here!

I have NOT forgotten about this project, my loyal friends.

I just happen to be having horrendous luck on the job-hunt, and the project has come to a screeching halt for the time being. As it stands, I have a small ant-farm being maintained by my brother, and they will be the initial colonists implemented into Ant-ture, as soon as I can afford to pick up the AntWorks colony.

It's a sad, sad world when I cannot spare $15-$20 to pick up a fucking Self-sustaining Ant colony.

If you guys really want to see this go through, I guess I can accept a small donation to get me far enough to get the fucking colony. I already have an 9'' wide aquarium that will fit it. I just really don't like the idea of taking a donation if there's a chance I suck at this whole "underwater colonization" concept, and end up drowning a shit-load of ants on accident.

If anyone's interested, leave a comment. I doubt anyone still follows this, but I really don't want to give up on this project. If only as a way to make it up to those of you who hoped I'd have this done A LOT sooner.


  1. You are not yet alone brave planner
    Just keep trying,
    Ant-ture will fall into place eventually.

  2. OH LORD, SOMEONE STILL READS. I will not disappoint you, loyal anon!

  3. I'm willing to donate up to fifty dollars.

  4. I've been checking daily for the past 4 months. I will not give surrender my support for you.

  5. I'd donate 20 no problem bro.