Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I want to share something awesome with you all...

As the first stage of Ant-ture winds to a close, and the second stage still in the planning phase, I'd like to bring another, MUCH more ambitious project (Posted in my comments, I might add) to your attention.


This man has taken the idea of an underwater habitat to an entirely new level.
I love his designs, and his idea as a whole. I ask that you all drop by, and offer this man as much support and input as you can. I am looking forward to the outcome of his project more-so than my own! =D


Now, onto Ant-ture; As of last night, I believe all the ants have died. Oddly enough, not from living conditions or a design flaw. (Which I had expected.)

But because of RAGE. They apparently weren't very compatible; and that should've been apparent when the tube arrived with 10 ants ripped to shreds and dead.

This is NOT a bad thing, after-all. This was meant to be the first attempt. The second attempt is where everything will come together, and I'll actually uproot a real colony to implant inside a larger living quarters.

So, as of today, the first chapter of Project Ant-ture comes to a close. The second chapter is still quite a ways off, what with my limited funds.

But so far; two things I have learned.

1). Yes, they CAN survive underwater without any immediately noticeable negative effects.

2). I can re-use the pump for this model for the next, as I really doubt they'll need any extra air pressure. (In fact, I think it was starting to dry out the top 1/8th inch of the gel.)

I thank you all for supporting the endeavor, and I will do my best to rectify my mistakes for the second design!


  1. Is that the same guy who made that comic about the hamster rapture made by the sex offender?

  2. No idea. lol... All I know is he has great ideas for his project.

  3. So it suffered the exact same fate as Rapture? I am completely satisfied with this outcome.

  4. History repeats itself, Bioshock was a documentary.

  5. Hey Iris, I'm still somewhat confused as to how the ants are residing in your tank. There is water inside the container, correct? Do you have tubes in there that they live in?

  6. The ants are in an ant farm (airtight) in a fishtank of water.
    The same way rapture was underwater but full of air.

  7. I love the way it looks though, I hope the project runs smoothly. Followed, check out my blog.