Saturday, February 20, 2010

Post #2: Organization

*Things I Need*

Fascination AntWorks: $19.17 (Amazon)

16 x 12 x 8 Aquarium: $29.97 (Wal-mart)

Queen Ant, Workers, Soldiers: A garden spade and care.

Air-pump: Not sure, need to find one that either puts out very little air-flow (Don't want to cause too much wind in the colony), or one that can have a hose attached to either side for one hose in, one hose out.)

Lego Blocks to build Little Rapture: I'm going to have to download "Lego Studio" to design mini-Rapture, and then send find out how much the pieces will cost, total. I'm also going to need Good, High Res, High Quality shots of the city. My PC cannot handle playing the game on Low, let alone anything high enough for me to discern quality.


I'm heading to bed, now. I'll try and find out more tomorrow. Any ideas would be helpful. Keep in mind, though: The first attempt at this is going to be relatively simple. I need to make sure that the colony can handle the water "pressure", devise a decent air-filtration system, and most importantly, I need to figure out how the fuck to get a Queen without getting ants in my dick.

Apparently, a few sites sell the gel that is used in the AntWorks kit, so I could make a bigger version? But baby steps, y'know? Rapture wasn't built in a day, after all.

-PK Shitstorm


  1. I'm pretty sure that you're able to buy any colonies. It would cost more but it would be a lot less painful than digging through an ant hill.

  2. According to the sites I checked, Queen Ants can't be delivered, due to some bullshit about it being dangerous for the local ecosystem. So sadly, it's either that, or I jump around like retard when the nuptial flight happens.

  3. about the air pump, it only needs one hose in as the input, the other hose on the other side can just dangle outside of the tank as the outlet. Fresh air always coming in, EZ shit

  4. Well, supposedly getting queens are easy. (some sites say so) It seems you just need to go rock flipping and such.
    Ya queens can't be delivered, due to the fact you might fuck up your local ecosystem.

    They ship the gel used in the ant farms, and they have a farm to gel calculator for custom farms too.

  6. I suggest you the Tetratec Aps 50 Airpump
    Don't worry about too much air, you can regulate it with a small valve which is included

    The price is about 15Euro (I'm from Germany :D)

    BTW I'm not quite sure if you really need an Airpump. I don't think that the ants consume so much oxygen